Current vacancies & registering for piano lessons for January 2011

As of 17/11/10, we have the following spaces for lessons on Thursdays only:

3.35pm (15 minutes – would suit a St. Anthony’s pupil as we are 2 minutes’ walking distance)
3.50pm (15 minutes) – Provisionally booked
5.05pm (15 minutes)

We receive several enquiries from prospective students each week. As we are part-way through the Autumn term, we only have limited spaces for lessons at the moment. We do our best to accomodate requests from new pupils mid-term, but we are back-to-back with pupils on every day except for Thursdays.

As we are a busy piano teaching practice with nearly 50 pupils (48 at the last count!), we do not have much flexibility with the times and days that we can offer you. After-school slots are always the busiest slots, so do bear in mind that if you would like this time, will will have to add you to a waiting list. The best time to enquire if you cannot do Thursdays would be the last week of term, around the 12th of December 2010.

We require one lesson’s fee in advance to hold a place open for a student. This is to cover our costs if you do not turn up for the lesson or are late and miss your lesson slot.

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1 Response to Current vacancies & registering for piano lessons for January 2011

  1. klara says:

    Nice day, please, do you need also accompanist, thank you

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