JAZZ JAZZ JAZZ – A great collection of jazz pieces for Grade 3 -5

Jazz Jazz Jazz by Dave Stapleton

I’ve been using The Joy of Boogie and Blues for about 16 years with my students and even though I love the book and have certainly had my money’s worth from my old dog-eared copy, it doesn’t stray away from the boogie and blues format so it was great to find Dave Stapleton’s new book, JAZZ JAZZ JAZZ aimed at intermediate level players (approximately Grades 3 to 5).

JAZZ JAZZ JAZZ is a collection of 10 original, fully notated, fun jazz compositions aimed at intermediate pianists wanting some light relief from grades or classical pieces. The first piece of the book, ‘Blue Sky Blues’ has been selected for the ABRSM 2013 / 2014 Grade 3 piano syllabus which is good to know. With a wide range of Jazz and Blues styles and tempos, complete with a fantastic CD of performances and bass and drum backing tracks, there’s something in this book for everyone!

My students have just started learning these pieces. I’ll post up some Youtube videos of the pieces very soon.

The book is currently available here at the special price of £7.99 and includes a CD.

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