A lovely tune for a Friday afternoon!

I know very little about music for woodwind instruments but I was instantly hooked when I heard this tune. I stumbled upon this gorgeous piece of music whilst browsing the Purcell School web site, it was buried in their audio clips section. The piece is called ‘Spiral Lament‘ by Ian Clarke who is something of a legend in the flute world according to my woodwind chum, Barry. His use of extended techniques such as the quarter-tones or “micro-tones” in this piece is something that I have never heard before. This is not a technique that is possible on the piano so it’s very interesting to hear it performed on a flute. I imagine it’s a pretty fiendish skill to master.

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3 Responses to A lovely tune for a Friday afternoon!

  1. Barry Sullivan says:

    Yes, Ian Clarke is a major legend in the flute world : it’s well worth looking out for his flute works. ‘Walk like This’ has become a bit of a flute choir staple… 🙂

    • Just youtubed it, that is a quirky piece. Something like that would definitely go down well at one of my student concerts if we could rustle up 4 flautists!

      • Barry Sullivan says:

        I’m sure we can, Lorraine. Equally, if you know any flautists, let them know, too : it works well with massed flutes!

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