A tune for Friday: Prokofiev’s Toccata in D minor

The Toccata in D minor, Op. 11 is a piece for solo piano, written by Sergei Prokofiev in 1912 and debuted by the composer on December 10, 1916 in Petrograd.

Prokofiev’s Toccata starts off with a persistent repetition of the note D, interchanged between the right hand (which plays the single note) and the left hand (which plays the same note but with the lower octave as well). After a brief development, there are chromatic leaps in the left hand while the right hand plays a repeated figuration. The two hands soon switch positions, although the leaps still continue for a while.

This piece is a showpiece that is very popular with virtuoso pianists and has been recorded by many. The piece is dissonant, strident and dischordant – as are all my favourite pieces!

This version is performed by one of piano idols, Argentinian-born Martha Argerich:

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2 Responses to A tune for Friday: Prokofiev’s Toccata in D minor

  1. Tom Mann says:

    What a marvelous piece of music it is. And what a fantastic job Martha Argerich does with it too. I hope to get my hands around the piece one day!

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