Rockschool Debut Level exam pieces

Here’s Merlin playing his 5 pieces for his Rockschool Debut level piano performance. The Rockschool exams are popular piano grades. Debut Level is a Pre-Grade 1 examination. After this, there are 8 grades of examination.

Merlin is playing Let’s Boogie, When the Saints, Moving On, Alouette and Phantasmagoulion.

Rockschool is Europe’s No. 1 rock music exam board. They offer rock musicians the opportunity to get the same qualifications that classical musicians can get. All their graded music exams have original set repertoire, encourage improvisation and have an element of free choice so you can play the music you love AND get a qualification.

Rockschool Debut Piano book, £11.99

If you like these pieces, here is the Rockschool Debut Piano book.

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1 Response to Rockschool Debut Level exam pieces

  1. David Barton says:

    Thanks very much for posting these. The pieces have obviosly been carefully chosen and your pupils have obviously enjoyed playing them. A really nice mixture of styles; it’s so nice to see well-crafted pieces which although short, pack in plenty of musical ideas and features.

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