Yamaha pianos – Thinking about upgrading your old piano or keyboard?

Long before Yamaha made motorcycles, they made pianos. Those of you that are familiar with the logo may recognise that it is made up of three tuning forks – a nod to the fact that pianos came before bikes! The Yamaha company was established in 1898 and the tuning forks appeared on their logo in 1927.

I have owned two Yamaha pianos, an upright and currently a grand piano. Both of my piano teachers had Japanese pianos, a Kawai and a Yamaha grand. I have always liked the solid touch of Japanese pianos, particularly Yamahas.

There is nothing that compares to playing on an acoustic piano. Digital keyboards these days are very good, but still are not an adequate substitute for a real piano. Exams, concerts, competitions, festivals and auditions will all be on an acoustic piano, most likely a grand piano. It is important for students playing at higher grades to have an instrument that is capable of fulfilling the requirements of the pieces.

For students interested in upgrading their old piano or digital piano to an acoustic piano, here are a few options that I would recommend that are available from Coach House Pianos who are one of the largest piano dealers in the UK, particularly for Yamaha and Steinway pianos:

NEW Yamaha B1 Upright Piano, £2465

NEW Yamaha B1 Upright Piano, £2465

Pre-Owned Yamaha U1 Upright Piano, £2995

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