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I have listed the various schools that my students attend or have applied for music scholarships in the local area (East Dulwich/South-East London).

Various schools in the local area offer music scholarships. Here are details of what each scholarship is worth. Expect a 25%  reduction in fees, occasionally up to 50% but not often. Where a reduction amount is not stated, please contact the schools direct. As far as I know, these figures were correct for 2011 admission but do check for the latest figures for 2012 entry. Schools are listed alphabetically.

Alleyn’s School
Townley Rd, London SE22 8SU Tel: 020 8557 1500 Fax: 020 8557 1462

Type: Co-ed.
Music awards: Age 11+, 13+, 16+ entry.
Various music scholarships at 11+/13+, worth up to 33% of fees (approx £3000). A number of Exhibitions for free instrumental tuition will also be awarded.

11+ entry: Grade 5–6 min on principal instrument, with 2nd instrument normally expected at Grade 3-4; Orchestral instruments preferred.
6th Form music scholarship and bursaries: Grade 7–8 minimum on principal instrument.

Bishop Challoner School
228 Bromley Rd, Shortlands, Bromley BR2 0BS Tel: 020 8460 3546 Fax: 020 8466 8885

Type: Co-ed.
Music awards: Music scholarships are based on a pupil reaching at least grade 3 and passing an audition held by the Head of Music; most are worth up to 25% of fees. Age range: 3–18.

Blackheath High GDST
Vanbrugh Park, London SE3 7AG, Tel: 020 8853 2929 Fax: 020 8853 3663

Type: Girls.
Music awards: Scholarships for music are awarded at 11+; bursaries are available to top up the value.

Bromley High School (GDST)
Blackbrook Lane, Bickley, Bromley, Kent, BR1 2TW Tel: 020 8781 7000

Type: Christian Girls only independent (junior and senior)
Music Scholarship Information: At 11+ and 16+ a music scholarship may be awarded plus Harvey Awards which pay for instrumental tuition. All Music Scholars must pass the school entrance examination and take a scholarship audition. Entry procedure: Application forms are available from the Admissions Secretary ( and auditions are held approximately two weeks following the respective entrance examinations.

Colfe’s School
Horn Park Lane, London SE12 8AW Tel: 020 8852 2283 Fax: 020 8297 1216 Email:

Type: Co-ed.
Music awards: Music scholarships, exhibitions and bursaries are awarded based on potential as well as ability. Value up to 50% fees and free inst tuition for entry at age 11 and 6th form.

Croydon High School
Old Farleigh Rd, Selsdon, South Croydon CR2 8YB Tel: 020 8651 5020 Fax: 020 8657 5413 Email: Web:

Type: Girls.
Music awards: Up to 2 music scholarships at entry to year 7. Jacqueline du Pré music award (6th form).

Dulwich College
Dulwich Common, London SE21 7LD Tel: 020 8693 3601/8299 9256/8 also fax Email: Web:

Type: Boys.
Music awards: Up to 5 inst scholarships of up to 30% fees with free inst tuition. Age under 14 on 1 Sep; Grade 5 (age 11), Grades 6–7 (age 12–14) required. Orchestral instruments preferred.

Eltham College
Grove Park Rd, London SE9 4QF Tel: 020 8857 1455

Type: Boys. Music awards: Up to 3 scholarships plus exhibitions offered at 11+, 13+ and 16+ entry (up to 50% fees).

Emanuel School
Battersea Rise, London SW11 1HS Tel: 020 8870 4171

Type: Co-ed.
Music awards: Up to 6 music scholarships of up to 25% fees at ages 11+, 13+ and 16+, together with free music tuition on 2 insts.

Farrington’s School
Perry St, Chislehurst BR7 6LR Tel: 020 8467 0256

Type: Co-ed.
Music awards: Music Scholarships awarded at 11+. Candidates are expected to perform on at least 1 inst and should be approaching grade 5 standard. An audition will usually consist of a prepared piece, sight reading and aural tests.

Francis Holland School
39 Graham Terrace, London SW1W 8JF Tel: 020 7730 2971

Type: Girls. Music awards: One 11+ and on 16+ music scholarship is available each year, up to a value of 25% fees. Age range: 4–18.

Ibstock Place School
Clarence Lane, London SW15 5PY Tel: 020 8876 9991

Type: Co-ed.
Music awards: Music scholarships and exhibitions for ages 11–18.

James Allen’s Girls’ School
144 East Dulwich Grove, London SE22 8TE Tel: 020 8693 1181; 020 8613 6436 (mus dept)

Type: Girls.
Music awards: Music awards for intake at Yr 7 and 12. Major scholarships are worth £1,000 pa, minor scholarships are for £500 pa. 2012 – 2013 Scholarship details are here. There is just ONE major music scholarship awarded per year at 11+ and one at 16+.

King’s College School Wimbledon
London SW19 4TT Tel: 020 8255 5386

Type: Boys.
Music awards: 2 or more music scholarships value up to £1500 plus 6th form org scholarship. Orch insts preferred.

Putney High School GDST
35 Putney Hill, London SW15 6BH Tel: 020 8788 4886

Denise Lodge, head. Type: Girls. Music awards: Music scholarships available at 11+ and 16+.

Royal Russell
Coombe Lane, Croydon CR9 5BX Tel: 020 8657 4433

Type: Co-ed.
Music awards: Scholarships offered at entry to Year 7, Year 10, and Year 12. Full details available from the PA to the dir of mus.

St Dunstan’s College
Stanstead Rd, London SE6 4TY Tel: 020 8516 7200

Type: Co-ed. Music awards: Specialist scholarships in music (also drama, art, sport), only awarded if outstanding candidates identified. Scholarship worth up to 25% of fees, plus cost of tuition on 1 inst.

St Paul’s School
Lonsdale Rd, London SW13 9JT Tel: 020 8748 9162

Type: Boys.
Music awards: Free tuition in 1 or 2 insts. Age under 14 on 1 Sep; min grade 6 on 1st instrument with 2nd instrument or voice. 1 or more 6th form awards available pa including biennial org scholarship.

Streatham & Clapham High School
42 Abbotswood Rd, London SW16 1AW Tel: 020 8677 8400

Type: Girls.
Music awards: Specialist scholarships, inc music, and bursaries available.

Sydenham High School (Secondary) GDST
19 Westwood Hill, London SE26 6BL Tel: 020 8557 7000

Type: Girls.
Music awards: Awards from Yr 7 lasting throughout snr school.

Trinity School
Shirley Park, Croydon CR9 7AT Tel: 020 8656 9541

Type: Boys.
Music awards: Numerous awards made to boys age 10–13 (1 Sep) on admission or subsequently, and at 6th form. Choral experience considered. Up to 50% fees (augmented in cases of need). Free inst tuition, private or school.

Whitgift School
Haling Park, South Croydon CR2 6YT Tel: 020 8688 9222

Type: Boys.
Music awards: Generous scholarships and awards made pa on admission or subsequently to musically-talented pupils for instrumental tuition, selection by audition.

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