Raising An Amazing Musician – You, Your Child And Music

Raising An Amazing Musician, £17.25

This is a book written for parents that want to help shape their child’s musical journey. It does not presume that you have any musical background. It covers all ages, from birth to early adulthood.

It is available from Musicroom.com for £17.25. I also have a copy in the piano room bookshelf, ask me if you can’t see it on the shelf!

Helpful advice is included on:

  • music-making with the very young
  • recognizing and encouraging musicality
  • choosing the right instrument
  • getting the most out of music lessons
  • encouraging practice
  • public performance
  • music exams

This book is aimed at parents whose are interested in involving their children in music or who have children that are interested in learning an instrument. It begins with an introduction of why children should make music and the benefits of music for young children and babies. If a child expresses an interest in learning an instrument there is plenty of advice on what instrument is suitable for different age groups and factors to consider, including practical information.

It also explains how to choose a teacher and what happens in music lessons, music exams and what children do at school. There are also sections on music for children with special needs and those with a special talent. All in all, a good buy for those who have children interested in getting involved in music outside of school and who need somewhere to start. A good buy and an interesting read.

Raising an Amazing Musician, ABRSM Publications

Sample Pages:

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