ABRSM Certificates – ABRSM Piano Exam Results, January 2011

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Congratulations to our students on their recent exam success at the January 2012 Special Visit. We have another three students sitting Grade 1 this March – results coming soon!

Grade 1 ABRSM:
Safiya (Distinction, 144/150)
Lindsay (Distinction, 132/150)
Jaya (Merit, 125/150)

Lindsay and Safiya both played Babiole by Naudot from the alternative list and received full marks (30/30) for this piece. The examiner was delighted to hear this piece as she had never heard it presented by examination from any other Grade 1 students. It is always worth preparing at least one piece from the Alternative List. The examiner hear the same pieces played repeatedly, so a change from the run of the mill pieces is always welcome!

Babiole – Safiya (Full marks 30/30)

Babiole – Lindsay (Full marks 30/30)

The examiner commended that Lindsay’s piece had rhythmic buoyancy and life with effective and stylish phrasing and elegant dynamic shapes. Safiya’s performance of Babiole was described as having well defined articulation and a lively rhythmic sense.

All three students presented another piece from the alternative list, this was Quasi Adagio by Bartok, an introspective, melancholy little melody. The examiner praised Jaya for the ‘haunting quality of the piece’. Safiya had ‘a delicate and well controlled touch’ and Lindsay’s comment was ‘musical playing with a convincing projection of the character’.

Safiya achieved an overall mark of 144/150 and an excellent 21/21 in the Sight Reading test. Well done to all our students on their fantastic result at their first graded examination!

Safiya – Distinction (144/150)

Congratulations to Albert on receiving a merit at his Grade 1 Rockschool exam.

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