ABRSM Aural training app for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad

With the ABRSM Spring exam session nearly upon is, the release of the ABRSM aural training app today is very good news! There is a Lite version and also paid apps (£2.99 for Grade 1 to 3, £4.99 for Grades 1 – 5). I am trialling the Lite version in my lessons today and tomorrow and shall update this post with more information.

The OFFICIAL ABRSM Aural Lite trainer contains interactive challenges to help develop your music aural skills (Listening skills). Anyone can use it, but it is designed around the aural component of ABRSM grade exams.

This app contains a limited amount of audio content for Grades 1 & 4.  You may upgrade to all the Grades 1-3 & 4-5 content in-app.

Use the ABRSM Aural trainer to:

• Improve your confidence and accuracy at sight-singing (reading and singing the music you see).

• Improve your sense of pulse and metre (feeling the beat).

• Develop your musical memory (remember how music sounds and be able to repeat it or spot differences and mistakes).

• Learn to recognise dynamics, articulation, tempo and tonality features in music.

• Learn to identify the features in music that give it its style and character.

• Develop the skills to know when a piece of music was written.

Other useful online resources for aural training:

e-Music Maestro 

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2 Responses to ABRSM Aural training app for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad

  1. Many thanks for giving a link to E-MusicMaestro Aural Test Training. We have had many people subscribe to our aural training resource via a direct link from your website.
    Good luck with your excellent SE22 Piano School!

    • Dear Sandy, thank you for the feedback. I am glad the link to your site has proved fruitful. I find your web site invaluable for helping prepare my students for their exams. They all regularly use it and find it very clear and easy to follow. Do let me know if you have any training materials that you would like me to review for our blog. Regards, Lorraine / SE22 Piano School

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