Take the Channel 4 Hidden Talent test to see if if you have a natural ear for music!

Musical Aptitude Test - Specimen test paper (answer sheet)

MAT – Specimen paper answer sheet

We have created a target set of training materials for the Music Aptitude Test in conjunction with music technology experts. These sample tests are created in line with the MAT syllabus and will help you prepare for the test. Our test materials  Blank test sheets and answers are available to download on our dedicated Music Aptitude Test web site.

Do you have a natural ear for music? Find out here at the Hidden Talent web site, a Channel 4 series that takes ordinary people and seeks out their hidden talent! Click on the image below to take the test!

My Score!

I was a bit unsure about the first test with the musical genres, I found that quite tricky but I must have done OK as I only lost 2 marks overall. The finding the beat test was no problem as the beep didn’t stay in sync with the music for very long, so it was quite easy to spot which one wasn’t correct.

Here’s my score and musical summary – let me know your score! The “Find the Beat” test is particularly good for students that are taking exams where you have to clap along with the beat.

Musical perception: You have an ear for musical detail.

Musical training: You have had a large amount of music training or tuition in your life.

Emotional processing: You understand the emotional side of music.

Bodily response: You can’t resist singing along or moving your body to music!

Creativity: You are very good at improvising and reproducing music from memory.

Event seeking and openness: You get a kick out of hearing songs and musical styles that you haven’t heard before.

General musical sophistication: Overall, you seem to be a very musical person.


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