Silly summer piano fun! 10 fun things to keep you busy this holiday. For kids age 3+

Here’s a few silly things I found on the internet that you may like to keep you occupied this Summer. Most have something to do with the piano or music in general!

1. Learn some (not very funny) piano jokes:

What do you get when you drop a piano down a mine shaft?
A flat minor.
What do you get when you drop a piano on an army base?
A flat major.
Why was the piano player arrested?
Because he got into treble.

Q: What’s the difference between a piano and a fish?
A: You can’t tuna fish.

Q: Why couldn’t the composer be found?
A: Because he was Haydn!

2. Listen to some instruments that are similar to the piano – but nothing like it!
If I could learn another instrument, the marimba would be top of my list. I love it’s spooky sound and it looks really showy-offy to be able to play it. I’m sure it’s really hard to master!

3. Make your own instrument – a PVC pipe ‘marimba’.
If you like the sound of the marimba, how about driving your parents mad this Summer and making your own instrument out of PVC pipes! Have a listen to this video – how many of the songs do you recognise?! Everything from classical to pop and from film themes to computer game theme tunes!

4. Play some nursery rhymes on an online Fisher Price piano!

Have a go at “Let’s Play Piano“, an online pianothat will help beginners learn some well-known nursery rhymes and kids’ songs.

5. The Piano Light Switch
Not strictly something to do, but something to look at. How fantastic is this piano key light switch from Tuvie. They even do a harpsichord version with the black and white reversed!

6. Colour-in this piano worksheet and practice your writing!

Here’s a SE22 Piano School colouring and writing worksheet. Click on the image to download a larger one that will print full size on a sheet of A4 paper.

Musicroom also have this lovely Musical Instruments Colouring Book:

Click here for details

The Music Fun Book is great for taking on holiday and comes with the all-important bendy treble clef pencil!

Click here for details

7. Play some musical games – Adventures in Music and Measure Up!

You’ll need to print out the pages of the Adventures in Music PDF from the excellent Colour In My Piano website. Follow the cutting lines to create the board game. Also check out the fun Piano Twister Finger Game.

Adventures in Music by Color in My Piano

Measure Up! is a card game that will turn you into a rhythm whiz. It’s great for getting to grips with time signatures, note values, rests and those pesky music fractions! Recommended for age 10 upwards but suitable for children at ease with simple fractions.

Click here for details

8. Take the Stairs
Look at these piano stairs at a tube station in Odenplan, Sweden. Wouldn’t it be great if the stairs at Denmark Hill station were like this when they finish the renovations?!!

9. Learn to play the Batman theme tune
Another thing to drive your parents mad – the Batman theme tune! Click on the image for a larger copy or email me if you want the PDF. I wrote this down for my daughter as she loves the old Batman cartoons.

10. Visit a piano showroom!
If you are lucky enough to live in London (the best city in the world!!!) then you live near many wonderful piano showrooms. At Steinway & Sons on Marylebone Lane, they currently have this amazing painted piano by Argentinian painter Maria Ines Aguirre. This piano is worth a cool £500,000. Why not have a look if you are in the area? If you are playing at our next student recital then you will be playing a wonderful Steinway C piano at the Michael Croft Theatre at Alleyn’s school.

Photos by Classical Mel

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