Fun piano pieces to stave off the boredom of the long Summer break!

Summer is the perfect time to brush up your sight-reading skills and try learning lots of non-exam pieces. You might like to learn a duet, a TV theme tune or some jazz music. Here are a few YouTube videos and links to sheet music for some of my favourite fun pieces.

Pink Parasol by Jessie Blake
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Book: 8 Duets for Beginners
A super-easy duet in Middle C position. If you have had about a term of piano lessons, you should be able to work this out. If you are struggling to read the notes, have a look through your piano tutor book and use that to help you identify the notes.

Boogie no.1 by Gerald Martin
Difficulty Level: Grade 1+
Book: Joy of Boogie and Blues
Once you work out the left hand boogie pattern, you’ll be able to learn this piece really quickly.

Meet Frankie and Johnny
Difficulty Level: Grade 3+
Book: Joy of Boogie and Blues
Also taken from the same Joy of Boogie and Blues book is this brilliant piece. I learned this many, many years ago and it’s still a hit with my piano students at the SE22 Piano School in East Dulwich.

Nintendo Duet
Difficulty Level: Grade 4+
Sheet music: See below for Themes 1 and 2.
Quite a long duet, but it can be edited to a shorter version. See how the crowd go wild when these two pianists perform it at a school play! The two pianists performing this also transcribed the piano music themselves for piano duet. There’s quite a long pre-amble on the video, it starts around 45 seconds.

Gnossienne No.1 by Satie
Difficulty Level: Grade 4+
Book: Satie 6 pieces
A beautiful, haunting melody. It is very repetitive and really quite approachable for intermediate level students. The notes are not particularly complicated but conveying the moody nature of the piece is a challenge, especially for younger students. Also check out the 3rd Gnossienne which is very beautiful too. Don’t be put off by the lack of barlines. The pieces are written in Common Time (4/4) and divide up clearly into four beats. You can add in the barlines on the first line to help you out if you like.

Tetris Theme Tune (Korobeneiki)
Difficulty Level: Grade 5+
Sheet music: Download for free here
This piece starts off very simply but soon descends into the madness of the Tetris theme tune. If you like playing the piano as fast as you can, this is one for you!

Nintendo Duet, parts 1 and 2:

Nintendo Piano Duet page 1

Nintendo Piano Duet page 2

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