Registration forms now available for our Winter Piano Recital

Collect your Winter Recital registration form at your next lesson!

It’s only August but plans are well underway for our biggest ever student recital on Sunday 27 January 2013 at the Michael Croft Theatre. Registration forms will be given out at your next lesson. Don’t forget to return them by 1st of November if you would like to participate.

Booking has now opened for the SE22 Piano School 2013 Winter Recital. We have two concerts on the day. The first is a family concert open to students of all ages and their younger siblings. The second concert is our formal concert and this event will be recorded, so it is not suitable for younger performers or audience members under the age of 6. The list at the very end of the emails has details of which concert you will play in. If you have been listed in the Formal Concert but wish to bring younger siblings, please let me know so that I can move you to the other.

We will be presenting our student awards on the day. Full details of awards recipients can be found here. Here are two of last year’s winners:

Piano Trophy
Ana – Senior Achievement Award. Image by James Eppy.
Columba – Performance Award Winner

Printed booking forms are available now from your teacher or you can email Lorraine for a PDF version. Please make sure you return the booking form with your order.

Image from Theatre Plan

Image by Yvonne Blume

About the Michael Croft Theatre:

Set in the heart of Dulwich, this award-winning 350 seat theatre and concert hall has been home to some great productions since it opened in 2009. With a theatrical tradition that is traceable to Elizabethan times, Alleyn’s School in Dulwich, South London, has completed its four-year project to create a multi-purpose theatre and concert hall.

The school’s pupils have their own independent theatrical company, the Bear Pit, a name which refers to the founder’s entrepreneurial interests: Edward Alleyn was a wealthy Elizabethan actor with several theatres and bear pits in his portfolio.

Students will perform on the stage on a Steinway Model C piano.

Directions to Alleyn’s School:

Both concerts will feature the Dulwich Piano Festival prize winners.

Family Concert, 10.30am

  1. Aimee T.
  2. Agnes
  3. Alex S.
  4. Amalia T.
  5. Annabelle P.
  6. Anika R.
  7. Aram K.
  8. B. Arnott
  9. Columba Rose M.
  10. Edie C.
  11. Eseohe L.
  12. Floyd B.
  13. Grace W.
  14. Gracie D.
  15. Hannah W.
  16. Harmoney N.
  17. Helena H.
  18. Isabella B.
  19. Isabelle H.
  20. Ismail L.
  21. Jocelyn B.
  22. Kate K.
  23. Kedar B.
  24. Kyle S.
  25. Luella S.
  26. Maddie H.
  27. Maggie-Anne K.
  28. Milo Jacoby-M.
  29. Nicole Ch.
  30. Olivia M.
  31. Peter H.
  32. Rosie A.
  33. Samson J.
  34. Scarlett K.
  35. Susanna D.
  36. Thea B.
  37. Toby H.
  38. Tom K.
  39. Victor M.

Formal Concert, 1pm

  1. Safiya W.
  2. Alanna C.
  3. João Pedro D.
  4. Stephen G.
  5. Peter G.
  6. Jaya Breen
  7. Ana Mc.
  8. Alanna C.
  9. Jack T.
  10. Ione G.
  11. Natalie B.
  12. Alex B.
  13. Inigo S.
  14. David F.
  15. Jan K.
  16. Phoebe T.
  17. Louis B.
  18. Diana M.
  19. Jonathan W.
  20. Frances Wilson & Liliana Schlaen
  21. Poppy W.
  22. Phoebe Mc.
  23. Rumbie C.
  24. Safiya W.
  25. Merlin B.
  26. Finlay W.
  27. Beth F.
  28. Marcel C.
  29. Joe Rudd?
  30. Stephen G.

About Lorraine

Head Teacher at the SE22 Piano School, a private piano teaching practice in East Dulwich, South London. I work with a fantastic team of teachers offering piano, harpsichord & music theory lessons to adults and children from the age of 4.
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