Music Aptitude Test – Training Exercises now available to download

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The Music Aptitude Test (MAT) training test materials have been created by the SE22 Piano School and music technology experts to help familiarise you with the MAT. The MAT is a test used by state Secondary Schools to select around 10% of their intake of students on a music scholarship program. We have been preparing our students for entry to many South London schools on music scholarship programmes for the last 4 years.

The MAT is a series of tests that use a combination of instruments including electronically generated sounds. Students that are familiar with the Aural part of ABRSM and Trinity exams may not necessarily be at an advantage as these tests are all conducted at the piano in the examination. The MAT tests use intervals smaller than a semitone and on the piano, such an interval does not exist. The MAT uses a wide variety of instruments and electronic ‘beeps’ so that instrumentalists do not have any advantage over students that may not have studied music formally. For this reason, we decided to commission a set of sample tests that we can use with our students to prepare them as fully as possible for the MAT.

Email for purchase information.

Using the sample questions from the MAT criteria, we have produced a series of 4 complete tests. We also provide the blank answer sheets and, of course, the answers!

Here is one of our students taking the test. The questions are all clearly announced and there are 4 sections to each test with either 10 or 20 questions. The video has the first ten questions of Section 1 (Pitch) from Test Number 1.

The clip below has the first ten questions of Section 3 (Texture) from Test Number 1.

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