Piano duets for beginners and juniors, Grade 0 to 4

Alanna & Lorraine perform Leonard Bernstein’s ‘America’ from West Side Story

The upcoming SE22 Piano School Winter Recital at the Michael Croft Theatre at Alleyn’s School will be featuring plenty of duets. Here are some of my picks of the best duet pieces for beginners to intermediate level pianists (Grades 0 – 4). All of these can be heard at the concert on the 27th of January 2013!

Very Easy Beginner Piano:

Jessie Blake, 8 Duets and Jazz Nursery Rhymes
The Jessie Blake book was written in the 60s and remains as popular now with students as it was 50 years ago. I loved playing these pieces with my teacher Sally Owen. Another great book is the Jazz Nursery Rhymes book from my favourite music published, the Spartan Press. The Primo parts for the student are quite simple but the teacher’s parts are very catchy little jazzy tunes that sound brilliant when played together. So much fun, I really do recommend this book. Rachel and Claire will be playing this with their students at the Winter Recital.

Here’s Thea and Lorraine playing Pink Parasol by Jessie Blake:

Easy Beginner Piano:

Just one level harder is the timeless collection of duets in one hand position written for young students by Diabelli. My favourite is the Rondo from op. 163 no.1. It is a great piece to use for sight-reading with graded exam students. This piece is the perfect sight-reading for Grade 2 students as it’s stays within a 5-note position but both hands play the same notes, so it’s a good introductions to the demands of Grade 2 sight-reading. It’s also ridiculously catchy and a real crowd pleaser! I will be playing this with two students at the Winter Recital.

Junior Level Piano:

Montagues and Capulets and America from the 20th Century Classics for Piano Duet Vol. 1 are brilliant performance pieces. These pieces are around Grade 3 in difficulty. Have a listen to these two pieces performed at the last student recital. I performed America with Alanna and Montagues and Capulets with Petra:

Intermediate Level Piano:

I’ll be playing this Mozart duet with Alanna at the next concert on the 27th of January 2013. The 27th of January happens to be the birthday of Mozart so it will be a fitting opening to the recital to start with this Mozart duet! This is the 1st movement of the K381 sonata:

I will also be playing the first movement with a student as the closing duet. Do let me know if you’d like to play it!

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