Christmas tunes for beginner and intermediate pianists

It’s only 7 lessons until Christmas so that means it must be time to start learning some Christmas pieces! I’ve had a look through some Christmas books at our local piano shop and picked out these ones based on beginner to intermediate level.

Christmas Carols for Beginners
Written by Jessie Blake who wrote the fantastic 8 Easy Duets book, here is a collection of very easy carols for beginners that are playing in a middle C hand position. There is a sample page on the link below.

Grades 1 – 2:
Chester’s Easiest Carols: A step up from the beginner book, here’s a slightly harder collection of pieces using trickier rhythms and some movement of the hands. There is a sample page on the link below.

Grade 3:
Jazz at Christmas
Lots of fun pieces that are great sight-reading for students playing around Grade 3 level. There is a sample page on the link below.
Brilliant for learning new and unusual rhythms that you don’t usually see in standard sight-reading books!

Another good collection of non-jazzy Christmas pieces for the same level is Chester’s Easiest Christmas Music book. There is a sample page on the link below.


About Lorraine

Head Teacher at the SE22 Piano School, a private piano teaching practice in East Dulwich, South London. I work with a fantastic team of teachers offering piano, harpsichord & music theory lessons to adults and children from the age of 4.
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