LTCL Harpsichord Diploma Repertoire – With my Diploma Buddy, Frances Wilson

Cross-Eyed Pianist and I will be entering for the March/April Trinity College LTCL Diploma session. If I don’t have a deadline, I find it impossible to pull my finger out and do some practice. Here’s my repertoire. Seeing as I can only play half of it, it will be an interesting challenge to get it all ready on time, but I DO work best under pressure! I better get my cheque in the post soon so there’s no turning back. I am undecided on the order of the programme but the one listed below may possibly be the final order. All I know is that I’d like to get the Bach out of the way at the beginning!

Jean-Baptiste-Antoine Forqueray – La Morangis ou La Plissay
I started learning this over a year ago so this is nearing a performance-ready rendition:

8 mins

J.S.Bach – Italian Concerto
I played this for my piano Diploma about 18 years ago so the notes are buried somewhere in my mind. This needs a LOT of work to get it ready for the performance as it’s the weightiest piece in my recital and Bach has never been my forte.

15 mins

Rameau – Sarabande & Gavotte et ses Doubles
The Gavotte and Variations is one of my favourite pieces and I have performed this a couple of times in the past two months so I feel confident that this is ready to go. The Sarabande is yet to be learned!
3.5 mins & 8 mins = 11.5 mins

Sweelinck – Mein junges Leben hat ein End
I was going to play some Byrd but I think it will make the programme too long, so I’m bunging in this Sweelinck piece which is quite possibly my favourite of all the pieces I will be playing. I thought the title meant “My young love is a hat” but it actually means ‘My Youth has an End” which is a bit depressing! This reminds me – I better start writing those programme notes…
7 mins

Total: 41.5 minutes (maximum 43 minutes)

February 2nd update:

I just had my first lesson on the Sarabande with my teacher Denise Patton and the ornamentation is giving me a total brainache. I think I may write spend some time next week working out the ornaments. Everything else is mostly coming along well. I feel that the Bach is the strongest piece at the moment which is ironic as Bach is usually my weakest repertoire. My new harpsichord arrived the day after the epic student recital. I spent a lot of time yesterday tuning it. Hopefully it will hold a tuning a bit better when it’s not so cold!


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Head Teacher at the SE22 Piano School, a private piano teaching practice in East Dulwich, South London. I work with a fantastic team of teachers offering piano, harpsichord & music theory lessons to adults and children from the age of 4.
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