Music-themed books for young pianists: Max and the Lost Note by Graham Marsh

I came across this lovely book for pre-schoolers called “Max and the Lost Note” by Graham Marsh. A preview of some of the book can be viewed online at Google Books. I will be putting this in my daughter’s Christmas stocking!

Pitched as the kids’ book that adults would read, this 32-page hardback book is the work of Graham Marsh, the man behind The Cover Art of Blue Note Records. He’s still ploughing a similar furrow too, this time with Max, a sharp dresser, piano player and Vespa rider, who hangs out in Kitty’s Place searching for a ‘note’, aided by singing group The Felines and Long Tall Dexter, Double Bass Sam, and lots more feline musicians.

© Frances Lincoln Publishing

© Frances Lincoln Publishing

© Frances Lincoln Publishing

Book Synopsis:
Max is a sharp dresser who plays piano. He’s a very cool cat indeed. But one day while he’s writing a tune, he loses a note. So he rides his scooter downtown to see if anyone’s seen his note. First stop is Kitty’s Place for a glass of milk and some catnip. And he meets the singing group the Funky Felines here too. They haven’t seen Max’s lost note, but they sing him a song, and tell him to try Long Tall Dexter. Dexter plays Max a tune on his saxophone, but the note isn’t there either. Max trys asking his neighbour Rita, who plays the flute, and she directs him to cool cat Sam, who has a different hat for every day of the week and plays the double bass. All Max’s friends play him lots of mellow music, but there’s no sign of the lost note. It’s only when Max gets back home and kicks off his shoes that the lost note turns up – in a most surprising place! This funny and funky picture book, with its cast of musical cats, is a fantastic introduction to all the different instruments of the jazz band as well as being a hide and seek picture book. There’s a mouse to find on every page too!


Vibrant, stylised pictures depict the antics and acquaintances of cool cat Max, a sharp dresser and a pianist so much in demand he keeps his suitcase permanently packed. Max is composing a new tune when a crucial note goes missing, necessitating visits to a variety of funky feline friends. – Time Out


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