Easter Music and Art Workshops in East Dulwich

We are running music workshops throughout the Easter break. Our workshops can be combined with art classes to keep you occupied from 9am to 4pm. Please email for more information on art or music classes: lessons@se22piano.co.uk

Dates for music workshops:
Thursday 4th April
Friday 5th April
Monday 8th April
Thursday 11th April
Friday 12th April

Group Theory Workshops
Many students are preparing for theory exams this Summer. We are running two levels of theory lessons – one for beginners with the emphasis on improving notenaming skills, and the second for students working towards a graded theory exam.

Beginner theory workshops are 90 minutes long and cost £15 per participant.
Graded exam theory workshops are 2 hours long and cost £25 per participant.

Mock Exams/Preparing for Graded Exams
If you would like to enter for a Summer exam, please book a mock exam session. This lesson will also include extra practice on aural and sight-reading. Mock exams are available for students learning any instrument, not just the piano. All students must pass a mock exam before the 28th of April which is the closing date for exam entry.

Art Classes in East Dulwich
Dates for art classes:
Two sessions a day (AM and PM) from Friday 29th March to Sunday 14th April including Bank Holidays.

1) Mosaic Mirrors and Picture Frames
Create a mosaic mirror or bring your own photo to frame in the centre of the mosaic. Suitable for age 4+ with supervision.
Cost: £25, time: 2 hours (approx).hearts-adrift

2) Screenprinting T-Shirts and Tote Bags
Design and print your own T-Shirt, Tote Bag or Drawstring Duffel bag for PE/gym class.
Cost: £20, time: 2 hours (approx).859611_502655649780645_437816946_o

3) Design and Make your own Lampshade
Design and screenprint your own lampshade in this class.
Cost: £25, time: 2 hours (approx).lamp05

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