Mock Exams for ABRSM music exams, are they really necessary?


Grade 1 Piano – Distinction, March 2013. Examiner’s comment: “A confident and stylish exam”.

We just received our final set of ABRSM exam results from the Spring 2013. Our students achieved a range of fantastic results from high passes to Distinctions from Grades 1 to 4. Most students chose to take advantage of a mock exam with a different teacher which has proved to be hugely beneficial in helping them feel well-prepared and confident on exam day. This in turn has rewarded them with an excellent exam result – have a look at the photos below!

Piano Grade 3 ABRSM Exam Certificate

Grade 3 Distinction with full marks on one piece!

Many parents are unsure about a mock exam and skip this step as they do not feel it is necessary. We also recommend that students play at least one of their pieces at a local music festival such as the Dulwich Piano Festival as the adjudicators will all give you exam-style feedback and any experience of performing stands you in good stead for the actual exam.

We feel that skipping the mock exam misses out on a vital part of preparation, namely putting yourself in the frame of mind that you will experience on exam day. A mock exam with your own teacher can never mimic the sense of nerves and excitement that are commonplace with all exam entrants. We do try to recreate these feelings by asking the next student to come early to their lesson to listen to you perform, and sometimes we video the mock exam so that there is a slight sense of pressure to perform in just one take. This does heighten the nerves, but it’s not quite the same as walking into an unfamiliar room with an unfamiliar person sat at a table!

Why You Should Do a Mock Exam:

Mock exams can help you find gaps in your understanding and identify your weaknesses.

Mock exams provide a really good opportunity for you to get some feedback from an examiner in the same style as you will receive on the actual exam day.

Mocks highlight any problems that you might have with exams, and give you the chance to overcome them in time for the real thing.

As much as you might dread the thought of mock exams, they are the best thing you can do to help you get ready for the real thing! A mock exam will help you feel more relaxed on the day (yes, really!) and it will help you look forward to exam day. It’s always a good sign when our piano students come out of the exam smiling because they know they have done their best and they have been well prepared for the exam.

All students looking to sit an exam at the Summer 2013 session must book a mock exam session before the 26th of April which is the deadline for exam entry. Email for further information. Please print several blank Mock ABRSM Exam forms and leave these in your piano bag.

Grade 1 Piano Distinction, March 2013

Piano Grade 1 ABRSM Exam Certificate

Grade 3 Distinction with full marks on one piece!

Piano Grade 1 ABRSM Exam Certificate

Distinctions for Grades 1 and 3 Piano, January 2013

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