Yamaha P114M Upright piano for sale, South-West London

My teaching colleague Frances Wilson is selling her upright piano. Some of you may recognise Frances as the adjudicator for the upcoming Dulwich Piano Festival. This piano has been well-looked after and is an excellent make that will last a lifetime and all the piano grades and beyond.

Frances writes:

My piano is up for sale as I have now found a grand piano. I am offering it to students and colleagues first before advertising it generally.


Purchased new from Chappell of Bond Street in 2007, it has been well-used by myself and my students, and very well cared for by Chappells own head of tuning and technical services. It has been regulated and voiced twice to improve its tone quality, and is tuned bi-annually. Despite its size, it has excellent tonal reproduction across the entire keyboard range, and the sensitive, quick responsiveness of the Yamaha keyboard and action mechanism. Built in the UK, it is a compact style with an attractive modern cabinet.

Model Yamaha P114M

Height 114cm 

Width 143.5cm

Depth 54.5cm

Serial no. E329665

Three pedals, including “muffler” practice pedal

Felt keyboard protective cloth & owner’s manual

Free adjustable piano stool 

The piano will be available when I finish teaching towards the end of July. I can recommend someone to transport it and maintain it.

Please contact Frances for further information, pricing and location.



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