Exam Accompaniment fees for ABRSM Exams

This blog post is out of date for pricing. Please contact se22pianoschool @ gmail dot com for up to date pricing.

We receive many enquiries (pretty much always last minute!) from instrumentalists sitting a graded ABRSM exam that require a pianist to accompany them. Accompanying a well-prepared student is usually very straightforward and requires just one rehearsal. For students that are not used to playing with an accompanist and/or are not able to play their pieces fluently, sometimes an additional rehearsal is required. Also, many teachers neglect to go through the Aural requirements and often state “Oh, the accompanist will do the aural tests with you”. Whilst this is beyond the remit of accompanying, we are happy to arrange additional lessons for aural training, but this is not included by default in our accompaniment fees.

2013 Accompaniment Fees:

For exam accompaniments, I charge the exam entry fee (+ 50% for Grades 7 and 8). This is a once-and-for-only fee and encompasses:

  • One full rehearsal of 30 minutes (one at an hour for G8, this can be split into 2 x 30 mins)
  • All my prep and travel time and expenses to the Denmark Hill/Camberwell centre.
  • The exam itself.

Additional fees:

  • Extra rehearsals and aural lessons are charged at our usual teaching rate of £25 / 30 mins.
  • Travel to Blackheath Conservatoire will incur an expense of £15 for train fare and time.

Pupils should provide original piano part. For copy right purposes, we Do Not accept photocopy materials. Teachers have no responsibility for providing the piano part.

Email lessons@se22piano.co.uk to enquire about accompanist availability.


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