The SE22 Piano School YouTube channel’s most viewed videos of 2012

Here’s the videos that received the most views and comments in 2012 on the SE22 Piano School YouTube channel. Not necessarily in order of most popular! Number of views is as of 27 December 2012.

1. C’est le Vent, Betty – 24490 views.
I haven’t seen this movie for years but the soundtrack is unforgettable. Download the sheet music here.

2. Perpetuum Mobile, Penguin Cafe Orchestra – 4092 views.
I heard this tune years ago and decided to write a version for my students. It’s currently in the Grade 2 Trinity Rock and Pop exam book which is fantastic. I love teaching it to my students. It’s also available in a slightly harder version in this Classical Chillout compilation.

3. Weather Storm by Craig Armstrong/Massive Attack – 2796 views.

Craig Armstrong is one of my favourite contemporary piano composers. Forget that Einaudi chap, Craig Armstrong is amazing. He writes lots of music for film which is why his stuff sounds all moody and atmospheric.

4. Pippi Longstocking theme tune – 2059 views.
My daughter loves Pippi Longstocking and she loves dancing around the room to this song when I play it on the piano.

5. The Spinet on a Winter’s Afternoon – 1224 views
My piano chum, Frances Wilson, came over to play my spinet. We both tried out our LTCL pieces on the spinet. I’m upgrading to a harpsichord very soon so look out for a new video of the harpsichord in action!

6. ATCL Exam Recital Run-Through – 1213 views.
Here’s my first run-through with my page turner of my ATCL Piano Diploma recital. Thankfully it went better on the day than it did in this video!

7. Nick Cave, Into My Arms – 1034 views
Quite an old recording now of a lovely song by Nick Cave. My friend Mark requested that I record this piece!

8. Music Aptitude Tests – 1017 views
In the Autumn term of 2012, students sat entrance exams under the Music Scholarship programme for state secondary schools throughout London. Schools such as Dame Alice Owen, Haberdashers’ Aske’s and Prendergast Hilly Fields use the Music Aptitude Test. I collaborated with a music producer and sound engineer to create a series of tests to help students prepare for the examination. These proved very popular with potential music scholars and several went on to gain places at the secondary school of their choice. These tests will be updated for 2013.

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