Dress up and singalong with Bugsy Malone at the Dulwich Picture Gallery, Sunday March 6th

In search of something to do next weekend? Look no further than the screening of Bugsy Malone at The Dulwich Picture Gallery on the 6th of March.

A miniaturised, musicalised version of a gangster movie, boisterous and good-natured, with catchy songs

Bugsy Malone (Scott Baio) is the genial scamster recruited by bar owner Fat Sam (John Cassisi) to help in the war with Dandy Dan (Martin Lev) and his gang, who have come up with a lethal new custard pie delivery system, the splurge gun. Bugsy steals the heart of wannabe starlet Blousey Brown (Florrie Dugger), but pouting in the shadows is the almost-inappropriately seductive singer Tallulah (Jodie Foster)

The best children-dressed-as-gangsters-while-killing- each-other-with-custard film ever made.

– Free juice and popcorn (‘kindly donated by Peter Popple’s Popcorn’)

– Prize for best costume

DRESS UP AND SING ALONG! View more details and book your tickets here£4

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